Letter Earthlings – Pune

Some things remain close to your heart forever. A heartfelt compliment or a word of kindness definitely goes a long way. If these are combined with the art of writing letters, the classic mode of communication, I wonder how easily the world would turn into a better place.

Here in Pune, we had our very first event of Letter Earthlings, and boy wasn’t it the most fulfilling experience ever! It was a rainy afternoon and three very random friends of mine joined me at home and we spent about 4-5 hours writing letters. Soft music filled the room, accompanied by some hot chai with a dash of ginger (perfect for the weather). The ink on the paper flowed effortlessly as each one of us poured our feelings out. For the classic art, how could we miss our old-school fountain pens? The indigo used to take care of the other blues.

I feel writing is therapeutic, and the person writing learns so much as they make an effort to try and put themselves in the other person’s shoes. The people who came to attend the event expressed their gratification with spending a Sunday evening in a very constructive way. It was one of the most enriching gatherings I’ve attended and there was magic in the shared comfortable silence – the kinds that lightens up a soul and puts a smile on the person writing.

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