We are taking kindness on a road trip!

The Goodwill Tribe is collaborating with the amazing minds behind ‘The Big Bang Trip’ to augment an already awesome experience with a few experiments in kindness and human connection. The Big Bang Trip is an 8-day experience from the 10th – 17th September 2016 that brings 25 strangers (trippers) together and takes them on an enchanting journey across 4 destinations in North India – Delhi, Kasol, Old Manali & Bir-Biling.

The trip is designed around the principles – discover, explore and inspire, where you discover untouched places, explore yourself, get inspired and inspire others. The trippers also interact with a handful of instigators; people who bring powerful stories of their life and work to the group.

Travelling is putting your self completely outside your comfort zone. It is in essence, trusting the unknown. We believe the biggest gifts you receive when you’re on the road are the moments of human connection. It could be that moment when you struggle to communicate and instead burst into shared laughter, or you catch the eye of someone around you and share a smile, or you strengthen your connection over conversation and all the fun adventures. Whatever it is, we’ve experienced that travelling is putting yourself in a space where you are likely to experience acts of kindness and profound moments of human connection.

We love what The Big Bang trip is doing and we’re working with them to a design a few custom experiences scattered over the 8 days for the trippers to connect more deeply with each other, with people they meet along the way and to express their joy through random acts of kindness. We’re curating the best of our experiments and are very excited to watch the magic unfold. If you are interested in being part of the journey, hop on to the trip and meet us on the road!

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