Our first retreat :)

I (Chandni) just had goosebumps as I finished looking through my notes from our first retreat. The Goodwill Tribe has local chapters in six cities and for the first time ever, tribe leaders from three cities came together to share joy, stories, reflections and intentions in a retreat in Bangalore in June 2016.

The first thing we did is we danced. Shook everything away, jumped around like the crazies that we are and laughed together! We then sat down in a circle in silence for a minute (Yes we go from one extreme to another ;)) to center ourselves and bring peace into our minds and hearts. It’s always a magical moment when you open your eyes after sharing silence, it feels like you are seeing everyone and everything around you for the first time, with presence and with peace. We then hugged each other, looked into each others eyes and said the powerful words ‘I belong to you’. I’m glad to share that this practice is becoming customary with us these days.

We opened up the circle to sharing and had three seed questions – ‘What is the greatest gift The Goodwill Tribe offers the community?’, ‘What is the greatest gift you receive as an individual from The Goodwill Tribe?’ and ‘What are your dreams with The Goodwill Tribe?’. The answers to the first two questions were heartwarming and it was a beautiful experience of how similar we all are and of how similarly we feel about the gift of The Goodwill Tribe in our lives. The collective response to the first question was that the tribe brings people together and creates an experience where people feel connected to each other and to the magic of kindness. In being a part of offering this gift to the community, all of us feel that we receive infinite joy back. To us The Goodwill Tribe is a space to be ourselves, where we feel loved and cherished for who we are. Some of us shared that it gives us constant inspiration to be better versions of ourselves and to see and create goodness everywhere we go. Others shared that it’s a space that creates subtle inner transformations. To some its a channel to express our passion, creativity, inner joy, compassion and to find our freedom. We’re all grateful to be a part of it.

The answers to the third question were really uplifting and inspiring for all of us. It’s amazing to know that we all hold the intention of sharing The Goodwill Tribe with the whole world. Together we are dreaming of bringing connection, kindness and gratitude to everyone’s lives. We are dreaming up a big, mad and KIND family where people are constantly in service of each other, dancing around in goodness, performing random acts of kindness as a natural instinct and finding ultimate freedom in compassion. We want to work with schools, universities, businesses and throw kindness around like confetti everywhere. We want to set this world ablaze with love!

Together we can.

That was our biggest take back from the retreat. We witnessed and experienced, in laughter, silence, authenticity and goosebumps, the magic in the room when people come together to share goodness. It was a big moment in the journey of The Goodwill Tribe, one that gave us a mighty push onwards and upwards. We can feel the ripples of the retreat even now three months later.

Sonia and I are deeply humbled and grateful for the tribe. We sometimes sit back and reflect in absolute wonder and awe at the journey over the last three years. Little did we know that our first gift stall at a flea market in Dubai would transform so beautifully into the magic that it is today. We have loved every moment of the journey and are looking ahead with excitement and joy for all the wonderful adventures that are yet to be had and all the magical people that we will meet. Thank you for reading this. We hope that it inspires something within you and would love to hear your thoughts.

Until the next retreat!

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