What happened when we took kindness on a road trip!

Imagine a trip with 14 people you have never met before; a trip designed to bring strangers together and leave them inspired through the art of storytelling; an experience where you free fall into the spirit of trust, all in the mighty and beautiful Himalayas. That’s The Big Bang Trip and I (Sonia) am super fortunate to have been on it!

I met some of the most open minded people I’ve ever met. The group included a fashion blogger, someone from the merchant navy, a lawyer, a travel blogger, an engineer and lots of hippies and free spirits. You could see that they had all left their roles, professions, fears and stereotypes in their homes and brought to the trip the most authentic version of themselves. It was an experience of trust and human connection and a reminder that we human beings are naturally kind and trusting. We started out as a bunch of strangers but ended as a bunch of friends.

Our journey started in the capital city of India, Delhi and traveled all the way to some of the most breath-taking destinations in the Himalayas – Kasol, Manali and Bir – Biling. In Kasol, the seeds of friendship were planted, in Manali – they grew and in Bir – they blossomed.

I personally had the chance to host two activities for the ‘trippers’. The first one took place in our beautiful home in Manali and had them connecting with each other through questions that run deep. It’s an activity designed to inspire empathy, listening and deeper conversations. The response was beautiful with people discovering hidden treasures of wisdom and stories of life experiences in their new friends. The second activity took place in the peaceful town of monasteries, Bir. We wrote letters of gratitude to people who’ve impacted our lives in positive ways. We also wrote letters to ourselves appreciating how far we have come in our life. These activities are designed around the value of self love and the power of gratitude to unlock compassion, kindness and joy in our lives. There was a third closing activity hosted by TBBT where each person wrote down something beautiful they had observed in all the other people they’d met on the trip.

At each of our stops, the group was introduced to an instigator who shared inspirational stories of their lives that will stick with us forever.

The trip ended with a long bus journey back to Delhi & a party where we let ourselves loose and danced the night away!

The Goodwill Tribe started off as an anonymous group of friends who believed in human kindness and wanted to create a positive impact in our community. We began with running social experiments around the concepts of giving, human connection and random acts of kindness. Successful experiments were turned into long-term projects aimed at uniting human beings through deep connection and kindness. The Big Bang Trip is one of the biggest testimonies of our intention. It was magical to watch the trip turn into an experience of the power of human connection. I hope more people are moved to discover, travel & explore because us human beings are born to be free  🙂

I’d personally like to thank CB & Chetan for inviting me on board as a tripper and Goodwill Tribe as an activity partner and to all the other trippers for their stories, their enthusiasm (till wee hours in the morning!), for belting out their most melodious singing voices that were ringing alarms at 6am, for the food that was cooked that night, for participating in activities, for being so appreciative and just for being who they are. 🙂 And of course, for the many other things that go under the category “what happens at the Big Bang trip, stays at the Big Bang trip”. Go experience it yourself!

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