The Gift of Giving – Dubai

I think our biggest learning from the ‘Gift of Giving’ stall was – Everyone LOVES candy haha! So if you ever want to reach out and connect to strangers, we recommend taking some Cola flavoured candy with you.

The organisers had reserved a special table right by the entry of the market and we can safely say that we experienced the crowds as they walked in. Our 7 massive bags of gifts were distributed within the first 2 hours of us being there and the responses as always were heart-warming.

There was this woman who just stood there in disbelief. She kept saying, ‘Really! People actually do things like these.’ She shared that she couldn’t help feeling a little sceptical and our response was in our smiles and the gifts we offered her. There were two reserved men who took their time to carefully pick out the book they wanted; when they’d decided they looked at us and smiled with their hearts and said thank you. There was this beautiful young girl who found a soft toy that she went on to fall in love with, holding it close to her heart. What’s amazing about giving is that you ALWAYS feel like you are receiving so much in return and you find yourself thanking the people you are giving to.

The question on our board read, ‘What’s your greatest joy?’. The board always becomes a space for some priceless moments. Harry shared that his greatest joy was getting to sleep next to his beautiful wife every night. It was travelling, for an old couple from Syria, playing football with friends for a young boy and a hot cup of tea for Ravi.

We had some funky props courtesy of Kunal, a volunteer who’d also driven us to the market in spite of a swollen ankle. It was amazing to watch the fun that people had with their crazy looks and such a good feeling to hear laughter all around our stall.

We’re super grateful to all the people who contributed gifts and to the 12 volunteers who brought their happy hearts and big smiles to the gift of giving stall.

Also here’s an idea for you – Look around and find something of yours that you can give to someone and go gift it to stranger. Tell us how you feel 🙂

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