Time for some Christmas Kindness

With Christmas and a new year right around the corner, it’s time to rejoice and reflect on everything that we have received in 2016. Look around you and soak in the joy of the festive season – families coming together for celebrations, Christmas trees fully lit and surrounded by presents waiting to be opened and excitement in the eyes of little children who’re waiting for Santa to bring them their wishes. If you’re one of the super lucky ones you’ll see snowflakes on your window pane and hear children playing in the snow.

So wherever you are, if you are enjoying the Christmas spirit as much as we are, we challenge you to step it up and go out there and be someone’s Santa. Make someone’s day 🙂

Here are some fun ideas:

  1. Bake some cookies and surprise your neighbor.
  2. Write notes of appreciation to your family and friends.
  3. Donate books to the local library.
  4. Give out free hugs.
  5. Adopt a family for Christmas and give them things they need.
  6. Baby sit for your friends and let them go for a nice date night!
  7. Sponsor a child’s education.
  8. Make some hot chocolate for your watchman as he sits outside in the cold.
  9. Leave small gift or cards in grocery carts for people to find.
  10. Donate coloring books for children at the government hospital.
  11. Surprise your classmates and teachers with a small card.
  12. Give a small gift to the Santa!! (There are so many around you)
  13. Smile at everyone today
  14. Surprise your parents by cooking for them.
  15. Donate your toys.
  16. Send a letter to someone in the military, thanking them for protecting you.
  17. Give candies to the kids around you.
  18. Bake cookies for the traffic police.
  19. Go Christmas caroling at an old age home.
  20. Be kind to yourself, treat yourself with chocolates and presents.
  21. Compliment someone genuinely.
  22. Volunteer at the animal shelter, get Christmas caps for the animals to wear.
  23. Share your lunch with someone around you.
  24. Pay a past due library fee for someone.
  25. Place little notes with candies on cars in parking lots.
  26. Take coloring sheets and crayons to the waiting room (Doctor, Banks, Bus Station)
  27. Leave a note and treat for your courier man.
  28. Get a new toy for your pet.
  29. Invite someone who is new to the city for a dinner.
  30. Donate warm clothes and blanket to the homeless people.
  31. Hold the door open for somebody and smile at them.
  32. Help an old person cross the road.
  33. Help a family member with a chore.
  34. Leave a small diary with good thoughts in the cab for the next person to find.
  35. Call a friend/family you haven’t talked to for a long time.
  36. Play some happy music for someone sad.
  37. Offer someone your seat in the bus/train.
  38. Read to children at the hospital.
  39. Add small items to a basket everyday and donate all of it on Christmas eve.
  40. Let your parents sleep for some extra time, do the morning chores for them.
  41. Say Merry Christmas to at least 10 strangers and smile at them
  42. Tell someone how much they mean to you.
  43. Leave an anonymous gift for your classmate/co-worker.
  44. Let someone in line go ahead of you.
  45. Lighten the load of a single parent by helping them with anything they need.
  46. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog.
  47. Help elderly people to wrap gifts, decorate Christmas trees or bake cookies.
  48. Help kids make Christmas cards for their grandparents.
  49. Treat yourself to a good spa and some shopping!
  50. Share this with at least three people   

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