Silent Sound

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” – RedAuerbach

This was an evening filled with just music and poetry to help understand and experience a kind of ease after a long week. That was the main aim of the event “Silent Sound” in the making. After its first run on 19th Jan 2017 at the Art Space café-Kuwait, it truly was much more than just music but was something that touched each individual’s heart.

The Goodwill Tribe Kuwait believes in this ideology, that music helps assist us to comprehend who we really are and provide us with inspiration, transformation and a kind heart to deal with situations in a peaceful way.

What is silent about sound right? Well “Silent” could mean the breaks between the counts of the notes being played in a music piece. Without silence music would not be able to execute itself. And “Sound” on the other hand is plainly a feature and the language of music.

As the evening began at the beautiful Art Space café in between the many wall paintings with just a mellow glow and fiery fairy lights, we talked about the emotions and feelings that music disseminate and give us and also about the effect it has as a medication of kindness for everyone to consume. We also discussed about how people select their music of whether it is on the basis of their feelings or based on a kind of mode they would like to be in.

Singers and musicians present at the event sang their originals and shared their journey in writing the piece which also included how they came up with the tune.

The best part of the event was just how everyone joined in as we sang together the many popular songs that gave different vibes, namely Country roads, Happy, Closer, Hallelujah, We don’t talk anymore, The Scientist, and how each and every one opened up their feelings and joined in one voice just jamming and relaxing.

In the end we got everyone to write to themselves or to a friend who they haven’t talked to in a while to practically understand the power of words. This was for the purpose to fathom the experience of lyric writing in its simplistic nature of just like how we empathize or sympathize with a song’s lyrics.

Well it was an evening organized to celebrate the existence of music, its kindness and the tranquilities it shares with us to move on in life. Our journey with kindness through music begins here and we are hoping to welcome many more people to hop into our ride. To, many more such beautiful evenings not only in Kuwait but around the world.


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