48 hours of magic – Pune

This month is very special for The Goodwill Tribe – Pune chapter as we welcomed two awesome people, Tejal and Pushkar to the tribe and hosted our first outdoor event which was a huge success. After a lot of heartstorming, we finalized the venue, our own ARAI tekdi, Pune(tekdi means a hill in Marathi). ARAI tekdi is a wonderland; visited daily by hundreds of fitness freak souls of all age groups. We already knew that magic was going to happen!

Going live on Facebook while some prep was going on, was super fun! We were at the highest excitement level possible! Four of us headed towards the tekdi as the clock ticked five. Tekdi never disappoints; it’s full of good vibes.

Just as we began to setup it felt like the wind picked up pace significantly. It was fun finding creative hacks to cope with the wind while setting up. Curiosity was piqued and people started to as what we were doing. Any guess what we were doing? 😉

It was a Random Acts of Kindness experiment which evolved around a question – what makes you happy? We served a very popular tangy yet sweet and spicy Indian snack – Bhel and some refreshing lemon sherbet as a gift. Needless to say people were astonished when they realised that the snacks were being offered as a gift with no intention but to spread joy. We held up a board that read ‘Love + Conversations = Bhel connection’ and it did the trick. People were drawn in, curious to understand what we were doing and why. The conversations that emerged were beautiful, everyone resonated with what we were trying to do and shared overwhelming encouragement. A gentleman Mr. Sanjay Bhave touched by our gestures even invited us to his own restaurant Palavi and offered to gift us dinner; we couldn’t say no.

Eight of us had some heart to heart conversions while having dinner at Palavi. We requested Mr. Bhave to let us pay his generosity forward, which basically meant we covered the bill of a group of youngsters sitting at another table. We left Palavi with a bag full of memories.

It felt like everyone wanted the good vibes to continue and so we decided to meet again the next day. Sheetal bhai and Khushmita didi, who were volunteering with us, kindly invited us to their home, The Urban Ashram. As the name sounds, the place is peaceful, tranquil and abundant in positivity. Sheetal bhai and Khushmita didi welcomed us with their warm smile and huge hugs. We didn’t realize how the time flew writing letters at Letter Earthlings, having some deep conversations, meditating and enjoying homemade food prepared on mud stove. The whole weekend was truly magical for all of us!

The Goodwill Tribe is really a space that lets us be the best versions of ourselves. It is about the human connection we miss in our day to day busy lives. It is a lively example that this world still moves by love!

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