Kindness Confetti – Kuwait

There is honestly something magical about being kind. The energy that one feels doing any pleasing act is inexplicable. Being a part of the Goodwill Tribe Kuwait, our motto is always to formulate events that inspire the idea of being kind, why is it life changing and how it builds human connection. But often, we are caught in this question of whether we are doing it genuinely from our hearts or just for the sake of organising an event.

We then realised that we needed to tutor ourselves to being practical with what we do in reality. It is such challenges and experiences that has inspired the Goodwill Tribe Chapter to be incepted in Kuwait and it has only brought immense joy in our lives.

A friend of our tribe said of course at first it seems not too genuine, pretending to be nice at events like these and then we go back to the real world and we are still arrogant, but he himself felt some sort of of ease and mindfulness at “Kindness Confetti” held in Kuwait on 25th June, 2017 and in the end said thank you. 🙂

‘Every act of kindness is like consuming grace and compassion pills’ – Melissa Azavedo

We gathered at Costa Coffee where we for the first hour, prepared mini cards for strangers reminding them that they are awesome or to keep smiling, or just anything positive. For the next half hour we split into pairs and went around giving the cards to random individuals. Our participants were initially a little shy and just wanted to give in their cards and complete their tasks and therefore gave the cards saying “Hey I made this for you” (smiled) and dispersed. Initially our recipients were confused and didn’t really understand what was happening, but as they read the content in the cards, a smile just grew on their face. It was these sweet smiles that motivated our participants to take time and do more good and spread love around.

We then gathered back to the café and shared “Thank you” cards for the service team of the cafe we were at and also to some others around the premises. In our last half hour we just enjoyed our coffee, chocolates and muffins and shared our experiences about the whole journey of the event.

One story that stood out was when one of our friends was giving the card to somebody and then a security guard walks to them and said “What is this?” and his colleague took the card read it and said “Oh it is ok, its’ safe” which brought to our discourse that kindness is SAFE, it does no harm, its innocent, it is non- violent and it is spiritual in nature.

Our kind voyage taught us that kindness begins within ourselves and it is then we are able to go out into the whole world and share it. Heading back to the café after we gave our cards was to understand that sometimes it is so hard to be kind and emphatic in some circumstances but there is still some compassion and love left within ourselves that we have the capability to still be calm even when the world’s problems are crashing on us. It portrayed the understanding that we still got sufficient amount of goodness equivalent to the space smaller than the world (which was the café in our instance) and to never give up spreading joy.

Well… it all comes back to ourselves and it all depends on us to rejuvenate ourselves with the vibe of kind-heartedness and positivity so as to be at peace with ourselves. Life is too short for any negativity.

Words cannot describe the transformation of every individual at our recent event. And therefore we invite you to try simple acts of kindness in your routine whether it be to smile at a stranger or probably tip a little extra to a waiter at your favourite restaurant, to believe in kindness and its influence.
Our Kindness Party in this desert isn’t over, it has just begun. Spread the love and bliss wherever you are.

Stay Humble. Be Kind.


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