Blissed out – Kuwait

“Just as the stars shine bright in the dark so does any act of kindness” – GWT Kuwait

Blissed Out is an event organised by The Goodwill Tribe Kuwait, with the intention of creating an atmosphere of living in solace with oneself and being in a state of pure happiness, despite our busy lives.

This time The Goodwill Tribe Kuwait joined forces with the Stargazing Group Kuwait to experience the power of silence, music and calmness of nature’s presence.

The reason we chose to stargaze, was to remind ourselves that we are so lost in our own life’s issues and worries, we fail to embrace the blessings of the small things we have in life. Just as Draya Mooney said, “Look at the stars. See their beauty. And in that beauty, see yourself.”

Apart from stargazing we decided to have an encore of Silent Sound, where we invite musicians whether pros or bathroom singers, (totally agree that the acoustics are great in the restroom :)) to perform in a space where they can be themselves.

Together with music, we had a session of Bonfire Tales a.k.a One Kind, in which we shared about what kindness means to each one of us and what makes us truly happy.
We also spoke about the power of silence and the importance of time in solitude.

Meditating was so peaceful in the desert, and there’s nothing like being at rest with oneself, regardless of whatever is happening around us..the stars reminded us that we have so many options left even if some didn’t work out..

Be kind , stay humble ..

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