Love letters to the self

‘Love is all we need’

Lines that we know so well. When you read them, did you think of another person? That’s natural, it is our concept of love. But there is another kind of love, a love that exists only between you and yourself. It is self-love and perhaps the most important kind of love there is. For if we do not love and embrace ourselves wholly, how can we give that kind of love to anyone else?

Usually at our Letter Earthlings events, we get together to write letters of support and encouragement to strangers going through a tough time. At this event in Pune however, we decided to write letters of self-love to ourselves. Everyone present was invited to write two letters – one expressing appreciation to themselves for the person that they are and another to their future selves that we will post to them in 6 months. It was so lovely to have people from all age groups with us! From 10 year old Reet, to her grand mother Geeta.

Pournima, the lovely lady behind our Pune chapter, brought some magic to the event with her colourful fortune cookies. Each (handmade) cookie, had within it a self love related affirmation. We went around a circle, sharing the fortune we had received. They read lines like, ‘I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening and will happen because I know that everything is towards my highest good’, ‘I am full of joy and vitality – I am unstoppable’ etc. Most people shared that the message they received was exactly what they needed to hear 🙂

As always the evening left us with peaceful vibes. We’re glad to get to share these experience with community!

If you feel like you’d like to write a letter to your future self. Here’s a fun tool that will help you do just that!

Picture credits : Shutterbug Clickzzz


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