Sprinkles of self-love – Dubai

It was a lovely Saturday evening where 11 of us gathered at the beautiful XVA Art Hotel over coffees, drinks, cakes and salads while digging our selves deep into self-love. It is truly said by Buddha that, ‘You yourself, deserve your own love and affection’.

Usually at our Letter Earthlings events, we get together to write letters of support and encouragement to strangers going through a tough time. At this event in Dubai however, we decided to write letters of self-love to ourselves.  It was so lovely to have people from all age groups with us! From school goers, to architects, to first-time solo travellers, to do-gooders, to son-mom duos!



We began the circle with asking everyone their names and one thing they loved about themselves, Karen shared that she appreciates her quality of keeping in touch with people, Neha appreciates being a warm person, Kiran shared that believed in being happy in any situation and that is her gift, Siddharth loves that he is non-judgemental, Dr. Anita shared that she loves her ability to see humor in any situation and takes things lightly and Kunal went on to share the he loves how he ensures that people around him are always happy 🙂

We then invited everyone present to write two letters – one expressing appreciation to themselves for the person that they are and another to their future selves that we will post to them in 6 months. Kiran mentioned that she was putting pen to paper after ages! 🙂

Our closing circle was lovely. We went around in another circle to reflect on everyone’s experience of spending time writing letters of ‘self-love’. Karen honestly shared that she was having a tough day where she was being extremely hard on herself and this was exactly what she needed to practice, some loving self care and reflection. She was excited to receive the letter to her future self as she holds an intention to ‘declutter’ through 2018. Shazia shared her plans of embarking on her first-ever solo travel and how spending time on herself just boosted her excitement to do so! Ananya joked about how others were doing such inspiring things while she was simply trying to pass a Math exam 🙂 and then went on to share that she could feel extremely positive (while smiling wide), Neha expressed how it was good take a step back to do this amidst exams. Kiran shared how she would like to attend more such events focused on goodness and how she has set her intentions on sky-diving (woohoo!) next year, and to let go of stress and harsh thoughts. Siddharth mentioned us how it was good to take time to appreciate himself in a normally stressful life and Dr. Anita shared how she has realised that it is not important to win all battles, but more important to win people’s heart and love and Kunal opened up to share that this was the first time in 6 months that he took time to spend on his own self and how it helped him set some goals for himself.

Karen, brought some magic to the event with her colourful heart pins on the occasion of her birthday! 🙂


As always the evening left us feeling good and connected to each other. We’re glad to get to share these experience with community!If you feel like you’d like to encourage a friend or family member write to their future self, Here’s a fun tool that will help them do just that!


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