Human Connection in Hyderabad

We’ve found a real catch in Hyderabad. We’re working with TOS, a café and restaurant that wishes to permeate its walls with the warmth of human connection. They are willing to give us the room to experiment, willing to strip away the usual parameters of success (no. of people, total bill value) and allow us to create wholesome and rich experiences of human connection.

We’ve so far hosted two rounds of Letter Earthlings in their space. Letter Earthlings is an event where we come together to write letters of support and encouragement to strangers going through a tough time. At both events, people enthusiastically wrote one letter after another, illustrating their letters beautifully. It was great to experience the warm vibes that are created when people come together to connect and to be kind.

Inspired by the response, we’ve decided to step it up with two events, on the 24th and 25th of March.

ARLE – 24th of March

ARLE is a version of Letter Earthlings where we encourage you to funk up your letters with doodles, colour, a splash of your artistic expression! If you’d like you can skip the words and just express yourself through art! In these days of cell phones, email and texts – receiving something handwritten/handmade will always offer an experience that modern technology cannot touch. So, if this appeals to you, come write letters and create art for strangers. We will send the bundles to the recipient as an anonymous package via old-school snail mail!

Date: Saturday, 24th March
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Venue: TOS

We would appreciate it if you could register here. But this is not compulsory; feel free to come up anytime during event time to get involved! (This is a free event)

Check out the event on Facebook.


TOS Community Dinner – 25th of March

Come dine and truly connect with strangers.

At the dinner, we intend to bring the community (all of you!) together to dine with each other and create a space for open, heart to heart conversations with strangers. In our fast-paced lives, we don’t often go beyond a ‘hello’ or stop to connect with each other. Here is your chance to pause, share a meal with your community (like the good old-school days!), connect and talk about things that matter and perhaps even leave having made a new friend. At the community table, where you come from and what you do is not important; it’s a non-judgmental space and we are inviting you to just bring who you are and your story to the table 🙂

Date: Sunday, 25th March
Time: 8pm onwards
Venue: TOS

Come share this unique experience with us! Register here to grab a seat at the table (20 seats only!)

Check out the event on Facebook.

After you register, TOS Café and Cocktails will send you an email with payment details.

The price is:
Food only – Rs. 899/-
Food and drinks – Rs. 1199/-

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