Kindness Confetti – Sydney

Throwback to our February 14th event at circular Quay, Sydney

The air was filled with love and compassion. It was a visual retreat to see couples celebrating the evening of romance. The exact moment when GWT team paused for a second and decided to celebrate by spreading some kindness and break the cliché of valentines’ day is only for couples.

We wrote compassionate messages and we planned to distribute to people near circular quay, Sydney. Circular Quay is where the Opera house is located and is loaded with tourists and performers.


We started distributing to tourists and visitors. It was not an easy start as people were overwhelmed with on the road marketing and our intention was too good to be true. With time, people started picking messages and some of them were a bit more excited as they could relate to the messages.

The best part of the evening started here. There were small stalls and performers all throughout. We approached the performers and asked them to pick a message. They were very excited to read something positive and motivating. We established amazing human connection. This person crowned us with his props and asked us to take a picture with him.

Later, we went to a pop-up stall set up by a group of aboriginals selling various native art works. When they received the kindness message from us, they gifted us a small piece of artwork.


The art means ‘Balance of life’

We also met this performer took a bunch of messages and said that he would distribute to his audience.

It was very beautiful and heart-warming when you realise that you just need to share your inner beauty and it reflects right back to you. Though the performers and stall keepers were working on earning their daily bread, they were generous to gift us what they were selling (volunteered and asked us to take pictures with them, gifted their art work). Sometimes, these small things makes your life more beautiful.

By – Divya Ravichandran

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