Our second weekly stories of kindness, hope and compassion are finally here!

These are news articles, and videos that send a message of hope during a time in which the world battles two pandemics.

These stories are for all those perplexed, to fill voids with renewed hope and hearts with love. Do check them out.

  • Starting off the week with a song for all those alone, missing friends and family as a result of the current situation. Send Love to one another no matter the distance. Do watch and share to lift some spirits.
  • A powerful message by author and poet Heather Lanier as she shares the experience of raising her daughter who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. The uncertainty of her daughter’s development is why she calls on everyone to reflect on why we should sometimes surrender to uncertainty to truly cherish each and every moment.
  • Science has been key these past few months. But the pandemic has also shown us how important the social sciences and humanities are. With the isolations, the world has learnt that science alone cannot solve the pandemic. Read on here.
  • Here’s some inspiration. Young singer, Debangkita Banerjee decided to step in to support all those affected by the pandemic in India. She has been performing in the local markets in India during the permissible hours to raise funds for relief. Today, young Debangkita has raised a total of INR 70,000 which she has donated.

We believe these short stories of compassion will inspire those of us for who this year has been overwhelming. We hope to reignite a sense of hope among everyone. We are all kind, capable of love and changing the world we live in.

Stay tuned for Week 3!




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