Conversations that inspire – Bangalore

On a certain Sunday we got together for ‘One Kind’, where we aimed to have conversations that would inspire human connection. And what conversations and what inspiration indeed. Since we were almost halfway down this year we decided to have ‘gratitude’ as the theme for our circle. As quickly as the year did seem to pass, all of us had something to share and definitely something to be grateful for.

Talking about life’s ups and downs, we all came to realise how we saw those downfalls as ups because they have always been a stepping stone, something we all learnt and grew from, something that made us who we are today- beautiful, amazing and inspiring. Whether it was finally moving on or finding a home miles away from your actual home or learning to love the self- it wasn’t just reaching there that mattered, the journey till there taught us all so much more than we could have imagined and for that, for the paths we are all on, we are extremely grateful.

When we turned the light of gratitude upon ourselves on that cloudy evening, we noticed and realised all the things we might have taken for granted. We counted our blessings, we expressed the impact that one person had on us while guiding us through our journey and we acknowledged ourselves, being thankful for our very own existence and how important we are as different pieces to make this Universe whole.

The more we gave thanks, the more we had to be grateful for. Looking actively for things in our lives, during the months that went by this year and on that very day itself multiplied our reasons for smiling. It was the quickest way to remind ourselves at how far we have come, it was the quickest way to discover happiness and the abundance of it.

It’s obviously not easy to shut out the worries, the darker side that pulls us down while we all climb our own mountains but it is amazingly peaceful to counter the negativity to be a part of circle where we consciously concentrate on the gifts around us.

Sitting in that space, being mindful of our surroundings, of the people sitting next to us, of the people present in our lives, there was nothing but warmth that seeped through our bones. We felt alive as humans with these beautiful connections with other humans, the nature, the Earth and this entire Universe. We felt oneness.

So as a tribe we, from here and thereafter we will make efforts for such circles more frequently and strive for such insightful and learning experiences.

What is your happy place? – Bangalore

At the Sunday Soul Sante flea market in May 2015, The Goodwill Tribe Bangalore had up a board welcoming people a message in a few words detailing their happy place. Answers written ranged from “within my own heart” to “my room”, and  “a beach in Goa” or “under the starry night sky”. 

It’s a funny, yet beautiful thing how different we all are and how very different our happy places may be. But reading each note we could sense and feel the same measure of joy, love and beauty from everyone! So maybe, we thought, at the end we are all just looking for that one beautiful moment to pause and to be present in.

In this crazy whirlwind of a life, we loved how one little question could make someone pause and smile as a million timeless memories ran across their mind.


Missed our event? No problem – share your happy place with us in the comments below!