Our second weekly stories of kindness, hope and compassion are finally here!

These are news articles, and videos that send a message of hope during a time in which the world battles two pandemics.

These stories are for all those perplexed, to fill voids with renewed hope and hearts with love. Do check them out.

  • Starting off the week with a song for all those alone, missing friends and family as a result of the current situation. Send Love to one another no matter the distance. Do watch and share to lift some spirits.
  • A powerful message by author and poet Heather Lanier as she shares the experience of raising her daughter who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. The uncertainty of her daughter’s development is why she calls on everyone to reflect on why we should sometimes surrender to uncertainty to truly cherish each and every moment.
  • Science has been key these past few months. But the pandemic has also shown us how important the social sciences and humanities are. With the isolations, the world has learnt that science alone cannot solve the pandemic. Read on here.
  • Here’s some inspiration. Young singer, Debangkita Banerjee decided to step in to support all those affected by the pandemic in India. She has been performing in the local markets in India during the permissible hours to raise funds for relief. Today, young Debangkita has raised a total of INR 70,000 which she has donated.

We believe these short stories of compassion will inspire those of us for who this year has been overwhelming. We hope to reignite a sense of hope among everyone. We are all kind, capable of love and changing the world we live in.

Stay tuned for Week 3!




When love triumphs and hope resolves – Week 1

There Is HopeIn this post, we feature our first weekly collection of heart-warming stories from around the world. These are news articles, and videos that send a message of hope during a time in which the world battles two pandemics.

These stories are for all those perplexed, to fill voids with renewed hope and hearts with love. Do check them out.

  • 2020 was unprecedented. We find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, along with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the migrant worker crisis, all of which have heightened our strive for real change. This song was created by Empty Hands Music and directed by Ellie Walton & Nimo Patel. Despite it being released two years ago, it strikes deeply today, with everything going on to say that we indeed need hope. We need love. And yes, we shall overcome.
  • As humans, we all have a little bit of kindness. In this article Adam Schluter, a photographer documents his captures of kindness and raw humanity during the Minneapolis protests.
  • Some reflections from Oprah and Iyanla on how to find strength, heal and move out of the ‘fear’ during these trying times.
  • Unity. “We are the human race and we are all the same. We experience the same fears, the same hopes, the same uncertainties, yet we are all united by a desire for happiness”. His Holiness Dalai Lama shares his message, a call for unity from all humans during these trying times. Let’s make today about reaching out to our friends and family who are battling these uncertain days. Let’s spread compassion.
  • Time magazine had big plans for their Time 100 Issue. Little did they know that the entire world would be gripped by a global pandemic. So when the time came they decided to ask members of their TIME 100 community for insights and perspectives on some of the challenges they were all facing in navigating the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout these contributions, Dan Macsai, editorial director of the TIME 100 noted an underlying sentiment. Read this article to find out why Why TIME magazine devoted its TIME 100 Issue to Finding Hope.
  • To be seen, heard and loved! Shelly Tygielski’s aid movement, ‘Pandemic of Love’ is inspiring the human connection by matching volunteers and donors to individuals in need. Read more about this inspiring story below.

We believe these short stories of compassion will inspire those of us for who this year has been overwhelming. We hope to reignite a sense of hope among everyone. We are all kind, capable of love and changing the world we live in.







Letters of Love – Our Experience

We were a team of 5 of us working behind the scenes on the Letters of Love campaign and amidst these trying times facilitating this project uplifted us in deep and beautiful ways. Here is a reflection from one of our team mates, Andrea.

As the country was headed into a lockdown, uncertainty, fear and anxiety loomed large and we needed help and support from each other more than ever. But how do you be there for each other when social isolation is mandatory? Writing digital letters of love seemed like a really great way.

Being an introvert myself, having a lot of time to myself honestly seemed amazing. But a few weeks into the lockdown, I started to find myself falling into a negative spiral. The isolation plus the problems of life started to get to me. Reading some of the requests that came in at that time, I could see that I could relate to so many people, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and through the letters, I hope that I could make them feel like they weren’t alone too.

I didn’t expect the effects of the initiative to be so tangible in my life. In writing letters of love, hope, kindness and understanding, I found that I myself began to feel more encouraged. As I was writing to someone else, I myself was hearing my own words, and it lifted my spirits. In hearing the responses of other letter writers in the community, I found that others too found that the practice of writing letters of hope helped them see the lighter side of  life through their own struggles. I found too that my speech became a little more kinder.

Writing the letters filled with support and positivity was uplifting as well as interacting with a group of enthusiastic writers was refreshing especially in contrast to daily life where people don’t always prioritize patience and kindness in conversation. It was amazing to see so many writers send in letters week after week and give their time and efforts selflessly.

Through writing the letters to strangers, there is certain care and connection you feel towards the recipient. An unexpected bond with someone you’ve never met. Hearing the impact that your words have had on others, that it made their day or brought tears to their eyes, it’s such a lovely way to interact. It’s lovely to live in a world where we support each other, without any agenda other than to make someone smile that day or to remind them of their own strength.

Letters of Love in the time of Corona

Penning support during these unprecedented times.

It’s been weeks since we first heard of the COVID-19 outbreak. Unlike pandemics or disasters we’ve heard of before, the viral outbreak of 2020 affected everyone in one way or the other. 

Letters Earthlings was a small initiative with the intention of connecting strangers across the world through good old letters. In response to the pandemic and its effects, we felt the need to reignite the same project to inspire human connection and kindness, this time through letters written digitally.

Hence the project ‘Letters of Love in the time of Corona’. We started the project in the first month of April. This was just about the same time when most countries in the world put in place stringent social distancing measures and lockdowns. The idea was to enable anyone to request a letter for someone they know, anywhere in the world to help them cope through the current crisis. The letter would be written by a letter writer from anywhere in the world who would pick up the request. The letter would then be emailed to the person it was requested to.

We established forms that enabled strangers to request letters for someone who was having it tough. This could be someone who had lost their job, was very anxious about the uncertain future, was finding it difficult to cope with social isolation – anyone really who they thought could do with some extra love and support. The form when filled would detail the person’s name, their e-mail ID and a brief of the message to be delivered. A letter request could also could also be made for the person requesting the letter themselves.

We also opened up the doors to letter writers, people who would chose to volunteer to write the heartfelt bundles of letters after the requests were received.

So far, over 825 letters have been emailed to strangers across the globe.

Over the six weeks, we had 364 letter writers sign up from 22 different countries. As for the requests, we received 285 letter requests from 18 different countries. The response has been overwhelming and it’s been a journey of both healing and relief experienced by both the writers and recipients. We’ve received messages that tell of happiness and heartfelt appreciation from those who have received the letters. Despite the distance, good old letters continue to inspire and spread love and hope.

The pandemic may still not be over, but as the world slowly recovers, we’ve come to realize we all have the power to deeply empathize. Digital letters of love continue to inspire the human connection, to spread kindness and love even to strangers we may never meet.

We were a team of 5 of us working behind the scenes on this campaign and amidst these trying times, facilitating this project uplifted us in deep and beautiful ways. Read more from one of our team mates here.


Kindness Confetti – Sydney

Throwback to our February 14th event at circular Quay, Sydney

The air was filled with love and compassion. It was a visual retreat to see couples celebrating the evening of romance. The exact moment when GWT team paused for a second and decided to celebrate by spreading some kindness and break the cliché of valentines’ day is only for couples.

We wrote compassionate messages and we planned to distribute to people near circular quay, Sydney. Circular Quay is where the Opera house is located and is loaded with tourists and performers.


We started distributing to tourists and visitors. It was not an easy start as people were overwhelmed with on the road marketing and our intention was too good to be true. With time, people started picking messages and some of them were a bit more excited as they could relate to the messages.

The best part of the evening started here. There were small stalls and performers all throughout. We approached the performers and asked them to pick a message. They were very excited to read something positive and motivating. We established amazing human connection. This person crowned us with his props and asked us to take a picture with him.

Later, we went to a pop-up stall set up by a group of aboriginals selling various native art works. When they received the kindness message from us, they gifted us a small piece of artwork.


The art means ‘Balance of life’

We also met this performer took a bunch of messages and said that he would distribute to his audience.

It was very beautiful and heart-warming when you realise that you just need to share your inner beauty and it reflects right back to you. Though the performers and stall keepers were working on earning their daily bread, they were generous to gift us what they were selling (volunteered and asked us to take pictures with them, gifted their art work). Sometimes, these small things makes your life more beautiful.

By – Divya Ravichandran

Music under the Stars : when a plain summer evening transformed into something magical

So summers in Nagpur are terrible, trust me, I have lived here all my life! But still we didn’t want our April event to take place in a confined space. We knew we wanted an open space, a public park; and thinking about this decision now, I realize, had the event taken place in a comfortable closed space, it would have lost its essence.

Most of the times these days, we confine ourselves in boundaries that either others have made for us or we have made for ourselves. We hardly ever let go of our fears and inhibitions, instead, we become comfortable in them. With Music Under The Stars, we wanted to step outside of our boundaries and widen our horizons. Music, we thought, was the perfect way to do that.


Musicians from different genres, performing together in a park, without any mics or sound system. This was the first crazy idea we got and we decided to work on it. There were points where we too felt that maybe this was impossible or maybe we are expecting a little too much. But since we had decided to shed all our inhibitions, these moments of doubt actually encouraged us. That is how the journey of Music Under The Stars began.

From there till the event day, we saw everything, from differences of opinions to random thunderstorms on a perfectly sunny day to sitting together all day long to make souvenirs for the attendees.

With this event,  we wanted to play around the therapeutic aspect of music rather than treating it as just another form of recreation. By keeping the event in a public park rather than a closed auditorium, we had already broken a mental barrier. But that wasn’t our sole aim behind having the event in a park, without any sound system; we wanted the attendees to try and differentiate between noise and sound. Attract the positivity and consciously make an attempt to stay away from the negativity.

An open space would automatically make people walk in with an open mind, open to a new and unusual experience. We knew this because we experienced this during rehearsals. It was almost magical to see how classical singers, sitar players, tabla players, a flutist, folk singers and a jazz singer, who were complete strangers to each other, easily bonded over music. This was the magic we wanted our audience to experience, music, in its most organic form.


To accommodate all the different genres, we decided to explore the different shades of music and divided the event in four segments. Music for nature, Music from the roots, Music for worship and Music for hope. The first three segments saw individual performances from the artists.

We wanted to end the event with the message that as we learn to move forward in life, hope shouldn’t be left behind. For the last segment, all the artists came together to look for the hidden signs of hope in our troubled lives with Noor-e-Khuda.


Around 150 people attended the event. Right from a curious 4 year-old girl to a 75 year-old grandpa. He loved the songs so much that at one point he got up, went near the stage and went live on Facebook.

The weather had unpredictable in Nagpur for a few days leading up to the event. But nature pulled one of her miraculous magic tricks. As soon as our last performance ended and people assembled in a shed, it started raining. Maybe, it was nature’s way of showing up at the event! 🙂

By Manali Kulkarni (Nagpur chapter)

Living on love and fresh air – our journey across India

It’s been over 4 years since The Goodwill Tribe has been a part of our lives. 4 years of learning, experimenting, smiling and smiling, beautiful connections and just experiencing so much love. Through The Goodwill Tribe we have connected with incredible human beings in different parts of India and the world, who have taken on the responsibility to lead The Goodwill Tribe chapters in their cities and host monthly events. For the first time ever, we (Sonia and Chandni) set out on a 14-day tour across 7 cities in India to visit some of these amazing people. To sum it up, for 14 days we experienced what it’s like to live on love and fresh air, honestly!

Day 1 and 2: Hyderabad

It’s a unique story in Hyderabad. We’re working with a café and restaurant that wishes to permeate its walls with the warmth of human connection. It’s amazing to sit down with business owners and hear them say, “It works, human connection works.” They are willing to give us the room to experiment, willing to strip away the usual parameters of success (no. of people, total bill value) and allow us to create wholesome and rich experiences of connection. They intuitively understand that being a space that is authentically rooting for connection will in time affect their bottom line, and we are just so kicked to find a partner who is this progressive!


That evening we hosted a Letter Earthlings event. It was the second time in Hyderabad that we were doing something like this and it felt like the response is getting warmer each time 🙂 People enthusiastically wrote one letter after another, illustrating their letters beautifully. 

The most powerful part of this evening was when we in a circle, shared stories of kindness that we’d experienced. Sonia shared that when she was travelling in a taxi in Dubai once, she’d felt drawn to talk to her driver and genuinely ask him how he was doing. The conversation that followed remains one that she will never forget and at the end of the drive, he refused to take any money from her sharing that in 10 years, no customer had ever listened to him like that. Tanya shared a story of the generosity of a shop keeper on one of her travels. She was carefully looking for a gift for a dear friend of hers. When, after a lot of hunting, she finally picked one the shop keeper refused to charge her for it, saying he was moved by her intention to find the perfect gift for her friend. Alex shared a powerful story of a stranger who saved his life. Years ago when he was just a little over 1 year old and travelling on a train with his family, he’d crawled away, got lost and somehow made his way out of the train and on to the tracks. This stranger heard him wailing from under the train and climbed down to fetch him and return him to his distressed Mum! What a powerful story. Anusha, a coffee loverrrr shared how a barista at a coffee shop in an airport had snuck her a free drink when she didn’t have money in the right currency to pay for it. Apurva shared the story of how a stranger in a new city had travelled in the tram with her and her family, in a direction opposite to where he had to go, just to show them the way. Nayonika was once in situation where she had to give a training to a very intimidating crowd of people. She was going to be alone in the room with all of these strangers, when a colleague of hers that she barely knew chose to stick around and be there in the background to support. When she later asked him why, he said he could see she needed someone to calm her nerves. Spriha shared this beautiful and simple story of greeting a security guard at a mall with a wide smile, making him feel so seen, he was almost stunned! It was a beautiful reminder of the power of little acts of kindness and how they go a long way. Its always amazing to be a part of these circles of sharing and listen to the stories. We can’t wait to witness more magic at TOS Cafe & Cocktails!

Day 3: Nagpur

How can we capture what happened here! There are no words and it makes us want to go backwards or at least share our last moment in Nagpur first. Sonia and I were sitting on the train, waiting to depart from Nagpur and Mandar and Himanshu were standing outside our window. We were all just smiling at each other in silence, words not capable of expressing all that we wanted to share. In the air around us, you could feel the feeling of hearts that had truly connected, hearts that had seen each other, smiled at each other and were bowing down in absolute respect and admiration of each other. To think we’d only just met 36 hours before this moment. 

We arrived in Nagpur at the crack of dawn to be greeted by Mandar and Prerna who had woken up way before their usual time, and rode on their bikes in the crisp cold to greet us at the bus stand. They took us on their bikes to Apoorva’s home, Apoorva and her family had so generously offered to host us. We were ushered straight up to the room and made very comfortable and told to rest a little to be prepped for the exciting day that was awaiting us. Our intention of this trip was to really just connect with everyone, but the folks in Nagpur had gone above and beyond to make sure that we did, but while soaking in all that we could in their city. The day started in this place called The Breakfast Story (that really deserves its own blog article!) where we started to get to know a few of the awesome people that host Goodwill Tribe events in Nagpur.


To give you a little context, there is a team of 40 volunteers (enthu cutlets, as they call themselves) in Nagpur who come together to create and host events that inspire compassion and human connection in their city. Mandar takes responsibility to hold it all together, but does so in the most gentle and empowering way! Most of the people in this group of 40 were strangers only a few months ago, but if you watch them now you’d think they’ve been best friends their whole life. There is such comfort and ease among them all. A kind of comradery that comes from doing something meaningful together, in a space of no judgement, where everyone is encouraged to tap into their gifts and inner love.

In the early evening, we had a chance to visit the post office which is among India’s oldest post offices. A lot of us picked up post cards and sat around to write them. The rest of the evening was spent trying out all kinds of yummy delightful snacks. It started with samosas, kachoris, moved on to chaat, and ended with pav bhajji. Boy were we full – full in our tummies and full in our hearts to be receiving such warmth from people we were meeting for the first time. At the restaurant, we decided to pay for a table where a Mum and her 9-year-old daughter were dining. We went to the counter, covered their bill, left them a little card and asked the owner to not tell them who had paid for them. But as many time happens, the owner ended up pointing us out with a big smile, and Mandar, with his warm smile, went to the lady to explain what had happened. Her face lit up with gratitude, and left her teary eyed and what was even more amazing was the expression on her daughter’s face! Beautiful ending to an extraordinary day.

Day 4: Nagpur 

If you asked us what we were on the trip to do, we’d smile and say, “we don’t really know, we’re just here to connect, whatever happens from that will happen”. Not a very concrete answer some would think. What is the expected outcome, how do you justify the time, effort, resources going into the trip. Fair questions that we see the value of. We’ve however come to experience that the answers to these questions are often hard to limit to a few ideas. Coming together to deepen compassion and kindness has ripple effects that go beyond what we will ever know. We’ve been operating in this mode of flow, where we have strong intentions, where we bring our genuine selves into all conversations and activities and where we open the field up to learning together, from each other. And so this is what we did at our sessions in all cities, the first one being in Nagpur.


We were to gather with the volunteers in a local park and we got there a little earlier to setup. There happened to be little children playing in the park who were very curious to know what we were up to with our colourful marigold flowers. We invited them to create a little design on the grass and in that way be a little part of our circle. All the volunteers arrived by around 10.30 am and we all sat together in this circle of sharing. The first part of the circle was to share our motivations, stories and learnings from being on this journey to spread more compassion and connection. The depth of the reflections were just elevating. Aishwarya shared that her vision with her life was just to be of service in the world, to soak in life and give it all she’s got, whilst always looking for ways to improve the lives of others. Taking steps to do this was enabling her to express her own truth. Mandar shared about his return to Nagpur and the dullness he felt in the city. He decided to do something to create the experiences that he would have liked to have here and that was the start to everything! Together with his team of volunteers, they’ve hosted 5 powerful events in human connection. He’s watched friends and strangers come together, many of them straight out of very difficult phases, to do extraordinary things. He’s watched how being a part of this community on the shared mission to spread smiles has been so empowering for all of them. His heart now fills with gratitude as he watches his circle of now close friends feeling empowered by their efforts to light up the lives of others. Another Aishwarya shared a story of how she participated in a 21-day kindness challenge. Each day she’d felt so much joy, as though the day was complete and she’d really made the most of it. She decided then that why stop there, why not make being kind a way of life! Prerna shared with tears about her journey, how she’d always been a fighter, an optimist, never willing to be brought down by all the inevitable challenges. In the recent years, through the wisdom and support of noble friends she realised that it was harmful to carry all the burdens of life, constantly rising above them, without first meeting them in the eye. She realised it was okay to not be okay. From then on, she’s tried her best to truly be there for others who needed some support. Her share helped surface some powerful themes that were the centre of the next part of the session – the power of safe spaces, how can we be the kind of people that let others just be themselves, how can we be connected so deeply that we are always supporting each other (visibly and invisibly).


Here we shared one of our favourite stories about Oak trees. After hurricane Katrina, in the aftermath of all the destruction, the only thing that was left were the Oak trees. When this was looked into, it was found that the roots of the Oak trees travel miles and miles under the surface entwining with each other, holding each other so strong, that even when everything was destroyed, they stood tall. This was inspiration for our next session – how can we connect with each other through our roots? Really get to know each other’s stories, hopes, dreams, joys, pains, fears, with no judgement. And so we divided ourselves into groups of 3 or 4 people and each had our own little sharing circle. A whole hour later, everyone was still completely immersed in deeply sharing the stories of their lives and really listening to each other, without any judgement, with open minds and hearts. There was laughter and tears at the same time as each one of us opened up. It was beautiful to witness. 

We then broke for lunch, a hearty meal that Mandar’s mum had single-handedly prepared for all 25 of us!! And soaked in the moment as Rushabh serenaded us with his amazing voice and skills on the guitar. It was one of those moments you want to live on repeat for awhile 🙂

After lunch, we reconvened to share our reflections on the breakout circles. Some common themes that came up were – we had all felt safe to share our stories with no fear of judgement, we are so much like each other and in many instances, we felt as though we could completely connect to what the other was going through. It was a reminder that these kinds of conversations are so important, they are part of the process of wrapping our roots together in support.

We then ended the session with a reminder of the power of small acts of kindness, and how they can ripple into the world. Gowri shared a really touching story. Outside her home, some construction work is under way and the people working there live there in a makeshift setup. There is a young boy who often runs around, scantily clad and he’s befriended a litter of puppies that have just been born to a street dog. She’s been watching him share the little food that he gets with the puppies, and even bring them some scrap cloth as a blanket. Rushabh shared a powerful story of the security guard who worked at his school. When he first performed on stage, he was ridiculed not only by his classmates but also by his teachers. As he walked off stage completely dejected, this guard who was new in school called out to him and congratulated him for performing, he told him that it was a good performance and amazing that he’d put himself out there. He encouraged him not to pay any attention to the people who’d made fun of him but instead to be determined to keep trying. It’s a moment that Rushabh, now a successful musician, has not been able to forget. There were so many stories, we could go on forever 🙂 It was such a powerful experience to sit in that circle and listen to all these moments of goodness. 

We then broke out into action. We were going to hit the streets of Nagpur with our favourite event, ‘Kindness Confetti’, where we go out and do random acts of kindness for people. So we made boards that read positive messages with the help of the little kids who were still hanging around. And off we went to the centre of the city, 25 volunteers on a mission to spread smiles 🙂


We were then chauffeured to Apoorva’s home to grab our luggage, and then off to the railway station to catch our train to our next stop, Mumbai. On the way, we had a surprise pit stop, to get hugs (and a box of hot aloo parathas) from a bunch of volunteers who wanted to wish us a final goodbye. Overwhelming moments of deep love is all we’ll say. And then we were on the train, smiling in silence, acknowledging the magic that we’d never truly be able to share. Moments like this have to experienced.

It’s difficult to make a list of the ripple effects in those 2 days as we will never really know (and perhaps its not even our business to really know). But here are a few reflections that have come up. A volunteer shared that she now truly understood why she was doing all that she was doing with The Goodwill Tribe. Mandar shared that before the day, they were a great team, but after the day they felt like family (we thought they looked like family right from the start =P). In Nagpur there is a waiting list of people wanting to join the volunteer team, and we see why, it’s a team of love warriors. Its difficult to include so many people but what they’ve decided to do is every last weekend of the month this whole bunch of people which comes up to 90 people (!) are going to hit the streets with random acts of kindness. Ripples of that, well we can only begin to imagine and smile. We experienced absolute love and warmth from people we’ve never interacted with before. It was a visceral experience of what we know is possible – when people come together with love in their heart, magic happens. 

Day 5: Mumbai

We did Mumbai, Mumbai style, a quick hustle, in and out in less than 12 hours. We went straight to Shreya’s place (Shreya and Grafleen lead the Mumbai chapter of The Goodwill Tribe) where her parents had so generously prepared an absolutely delightful breakfast for us. We intended to spend the day there, parked on the cushions by the window with the view of the sea and ample trees. Such a lovely space for the sharing of stories 🙂

It was a small and intimate circle of the 4 of us girls, with Shreya’s parents joining us for the first part of it. They shared their take on compassion and kindness and the importance of these values in our lives. It’s always great to hear the wisdom of our elders. All 6 of us shared a few moments of meditation together and then Uncle and Aunty left us to do our thing.

Shreya and Grafleen shared about their experiences hosting events in Mumbai. The city had managed to really surprise them in some instances – once close to 100 people showed up at an event where they’d only expected around 20, forcing them to hustle to hold it all together. (Proud of you two!). Both of them had been drawn to this cause largely because of the charm of Letter Earthlings, where we hand write letters of love to strangers. In fact both of them had written to us during the same week close a year ago and got on board on the same day. It’s amazing how these things work! They shared that during their second meeting, they’d really spent quality time with each other, having conversations that surprised the both of them. They’d been able to share parts of their lives with each other that they don’t usually talk about. It’s always amazing to see the richness and depth of connections that come from doing something meaningful together.

When we were sharing stories of kindness, Shreya shared one from a trip she’s been on. She noticed the goodness in the staff member that had been taking care of her during the trip and made the effort to hand write a letter of appreciation to the hotel specially highlighting all that this person had gone over and above to do. This act of kindness had a ripple effect with her letter being circulated all across the chain of this hotel, as an example of exemplary service. And the person she’d highlighted received a promotion! They are actually still in touch. Another reminder that no act of kindness is ever wasted 🙂IMG-20180114-WA0018

The day was a simple and a quiet one, one that allowed us to get to know these two lovely women a little better and we are grateful for it. We exchanged hugs, smiles and parted ways, with us onward to our next adventure in Goa!

Day 6 : Goa

Our first evening in Goa was so special. Madhu and Andy (the two beautiful girls who hold it all together in Goa), had picked out a quaint little café nestled in a maze of alleys (a part of Goa we’d never experienced!), for us to meet the rest of the volunteers. We sat together along this beautiful cobblestone path, sharing stories of our journey with compassion and kindness. Andy had brought a ‘bowl’ of fun questions to break the ice. (Though we must say in these circles, the warmth felt just melts all of the ice away – as it did even in this one).


Shilju shared his stories of always being someone who people would come to for advice and support. Chitra, the very young Math professor, reminisced how warm an act of kindness had once made her feel. She recognises the power of acts of kindness and wishes to pay them forward. Kaavya with her lovely smile re iterated Chitras reflections. Leeander took us deeper, revealing snippets of her life and how art had always been her channel for self expression. Reuben touched the surface of all that he is doing to support other people. He’s been a part of so many initiatives and organisations aimed at better mental health and more human connection. We think he’s found a way to include more than 24 hours in his day!

Swathi shared that she was initially sceptical about doing kind things for strangers, but her experience after the Kindness Confetti event had turned it around. Shivam brought so much with his ability to really listen to everyone. And of course Andy and Madhu (especially) had tons of stories to share.


Just as were wrapping up, a server from inside the café came around serving us all snacks. We were all wondering who had gone and ordered this, only to discover that the owner of the café had decided to gift them to us. She had no idea who we were or what we were doing, but just chose to be generous. It’s amazing to experience these moments! 

Day 7: Goa

The next afternoon, a few of us gathered at a café to keep the sharing of stories and learnings going. Our favourite story of the oak trees set the tone, opening the circle to sharing about our lives and the experiences that defined us. We were so moved by how open everyone was, sharing about the challenges in their lives that had taken them to rock bottom and how they had then made their way out of these black holes. When we open like this with each other, it allows us to glimpse a little into each others hearts and honour each other for who we are and why we’ve become the people we are. Connection like this is so rich in compassion and respect and we long for people in the world to connect with each other in this manner and offer a safe space to do so.

After this beautiful circle, we’d planned to hit the streets with random acts of kindness and spread some smiles. And so we whipped some boards with happy messages and quotes on sticky notes and went along our way! It was so much fun watching passerbys light up as they encountered us, and leaving happy notes on the windshields of all the cars we passed. A great channel to express all the gratitude and goodness we were feeling!


The evening was young and we were in Goa, so of course we hit the beach and went to a karaoke place where we sang old classics and laughed into the night. What a blessing to have friends everywhere we go. Imagine…. the world can really be like this! 🙂

Day 8 : Goa

This extra day was a gift we had given ourselves to just wind down and soak in everything that had happened so far. We did meet Greg, a mentor and a rockstar who is working relentlessly to create products that inspire kindness, cooperation and collaboration among children. He’s released a game called Acting Kindly, that makes being kind super interactive and fun for kids. In fact he has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to get the cards out to schools in India. Do check it out 🙂

And then we said farewell to Goa, and boarded the bus for another overnight journey to Pune (back home for Chandni).

Day 9: Pune

By the time we got to Pune, both of us had taken a bit off a beating from all the travel and used this day to recuperate at home and enjoy the goodness of a home cooked meal, courtesy Chandni’s folks.

We met Pournima, Madhura and Ajinkiya (a good old friend and GWT supporter!) for breakfast. We’ve already in the past had the good fortune of spending quality time with these human beings and so the morning was more about catching up. We listened in to snippets of their lives, and just were left amazed at how brave, and humbling both their journeys are. We were carrying a lot if inspiration from the journey so far and now plan to act on that in Pune and perhaps inspire a well connected community here too! 

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-18 at 8.45.02 AM

Day 10 and 11: Delhi

Delhi was that part of the trip where nothing really goes according to the plan haha. And that too is essential to a trip! Our flight from Pune was delayed by 3 hours and that took away half the day and Chandni began to feel quite ill. But nevertheless, the evening was ours to meet old friends and explore the city.

We met the tribe in Delhi the next morning and it was a very small and intimate circle with 2 local rockstars, Abhishek and Shreya.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.26.04 AM

The dynamic in each city was quite different and in Delhi our learnings were fascinating. Abhishek and Shreya together run an initiative called Those in Need. They are working to connect NGOs with volunteers, giving NGOs the support they require and making volunteerism an easy reality for people all over the city! So, these two human beings are already very kicked and pro-active about social change. They also tie up with other initiatives to bring events related to human connection to their city and this is how and why they now run The Goodwill Tribe in Delhi. 

An important part of the circles we hosted was the sharing of our learnings over the last 4 plus years of experimenting with The Goodwill Tribe. 5 key learnings that we’ve been sharing are:

  1. The power of emergence
  2. The power of human connection
  3. A shift from leadership to laddership
  4. The power of multiple forms of capital
  5. The power of small acts of compassion, kindness and love

What was absolutely amazing was the realisation that Shreya and Abhishek have walked a very similar path in their experiments with Those in Need. They too just set out on this path with a strong intention, but not too much of a solid plan, but things began to shape themselves in ways they could not even imagine (Emergence). Through all their experiences, they’ve grown to realise that what creates the impact is the little moments when two people connect (human connection and small acts). Shreya was sharing stories of her growth through her involvement with Those in Need. Being a dancer, in the first year she was very pumped about this event ‘Dance for kindness’ that they hosted. She was very out there, in the front, teaching people, leading the performance, and really leading from the limelight. Over the years she’s realised a gentle shift within herself, where she finds she’d rather be in the background, watching people dance, watching them grow in confidence, watching them grow in compassion and lead gently and quietly from the ‘back of the room’ (Laddership – leaders who exist to empower others, by holding the ladder for them to rise). Those in Need have also been tapping into the power of multiple forms of capital in their journey so far. 

It’s amazing to connect with so many people who are creating social change in this bottom up way, valuing the small and subtle shifts that can actually trigger large scale change!

After a lovely tour of the city with Shreya and Abhishek, we prepped to leave for our last destination – Jaipur!

Day 12, 13 and 14: Jaipur

It was a bit strange to realise we were at the last stop of this trip, felt like it had all gone by so quickly, yet as though so much life had been packed into our days. We stayed with Rachna, and had a chance to soak in her inspiring story of entrepreneurship. We were lucky to get to spend some time with her lovely brother Lokesh, an 18-year-old, radiant with wisdom and compassion. After a bit of a rest and a yum home cooked breakfast, we headed out to meet Anuj, who runs GWT events with Rachna and Chirag.



We chanced upon meeting the folks from Contree, a very inspiring initiative that is working to engage every-day people in projects that contribute to their local environment and community. It was beautiful to hear Rohit the founder, speak about his vision with Contree. He shared about wanting to create a platform where everyone can very easily be empowered by their ability to create change in their local community. A grand intention, expressed with no inkling of self-interest. It’s so powerful to see this growing presence of leaders who are being the best they can be, in order to uplift everyone else. At the moment they’ve kicked off a project where they clean up dirty spots in Jaipur and give these areas an face life through street art.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-26 at 9.15.20 AM

We then made our way to the café where we were gathering with the community for a round of Kindness Confetti. Kindness Confetti is an event where we go out on to the streets and do random acts of kindness to make people smile. So, we take boards that read positive messages, give hi5s, give HUGS. It was the first time this was being done in Jaipur and wow it went so well! We divided ourselves into smaller groups and went out on our missions. In the sharing circle in the end, a lot of people shared that the experience had started with them feeling lots of inhibition and then as they reached out and gave (and received) that first hug, their inhibition just faded. It was an absolute hugging festival or what Sonia would call, ‘LOVE-BOMB’. Chirag, one of our most fearless warriors of love actually got lifted off the ground in a bear hug that made his day. It was great to hear everyone’s stories and watch everyone’s smiles. How lucky we are that we get to land up in a new city and connect with people through warm hugs!


Kindness Confetti caught the attention of Radio Mirchi and 2 days later we were invited into the studio to share about The Goodwill Tribe. The RJ was a lively, passionate 21 year old who was blown away by the idea of free-hugs. We had SUCH a great time, chatting away and having a good time right before and after he interviewed us. The good vibes were almost palpable. The team at Radio Mirchi were so inspired that they went on to do another Free Hugs event with us in February!

And that was that, it was time to go home 🙂

Through this journey we witnessed the beauty of communities that are connected around values of kindness, compassion and authenticity. It really was a powerful experience of what we have always believed is possible. Through these deep and value rich connections, it felt like people were being empowered to express the best of themselves, to feel safe and honoured for who they are and to pour pure love and goodness into the world. What if all of us had connections like this in our lives? What if all of us had the opportunity and space to come together to spread love? What would our communities, our culture look like? The possibilities are limitless and beautiful. The question that we sit with now, is how can we inspire this spirit of compassionate connection in communities all over the world ? How can we dream big and yet remain rooted in the power of the small? How can we do our best to foster the ripples of this movement? And a very exciting question – what are the possibilities when we bring all of these beautiful, crazy, fun, kind and compassionate human beings together? (And how soon can we do this =D)


I am enough and so are you

One Kind Circle – Body Positivity (Goa)

We all sometimes have that lingering feeling in us, that we are not enough, and more often than not that voice can be in the form of judgemental peers, overly critical parents, insensitive friends and our own harsh selves. Body-Shaming is something that we all go through. The media bombards us with images of a very narrow spectrum of what beauty looks like. Subjecting ourselves to those words and standards can change our perspective so much so that it changes the way that we see ourselves. It is enough to make a person fixate and obsess over the external, and we forget that we are much more than that.

A group of us got together over coffee to discuss these issues as they occur, as well as ways to deal with them. Through the discussion it become apparent that this is an issue that plagues almost everybody, men, women and children alike. Some forms of body shaming may stem from good intentions but the outcome can be the same. It can come from the outside world as much as it can come from a close family member. We cannot control what others say to us, therefore body shaming is something that cannot be entirely stopped.

What we can control, is how we take in this information. We can take this negative energy in a positive manner. We could take this as a reminder that we need to be healthy, and take care of body, mind and soul and if we are already on the right track, we could use this as opportunity to pat ourselves on the back. We could also practice being mentally strong at times like these. We have to remind ourselves of our own beauty and strength when others may say otherwise. It is through self-love and realization of our self-worth that we can see that the way we look is only a small part of who we are. Through self-love, we can also extend that acceptance outwards and control what and how we address others. We can aim to be the change we want to see by being kinder and more considerate in delivering our opinions towards others, while still being honest.

We realized that, as difficult it is to stay strong through being body-shamed as an adult, it is even more confusing and difficult to face as a child. It is not uncommon for young children to be exposed to harsh criticism regarding their appearance, by their own peers, the television or even by adults. Teaching children about Body Positivity, can help them not to internalize it. Therefore, it is necessary, to equip children with the tools necessary to stay strong, to expand their idea of what beauty means and to teach them to be kind to others too in their words and in their actions.

The theme of the event was, ‘I am enough and so are you’. So let’s work in the hope that we are all able to get to a place where we can say just that. That right now, we are beautiful the way we are.

Human Connection in Hyderabad

We’ve found a real catch in Hyderabad. We’re working with TOS, a café and restaurant that wishes to permeate its walls with the warmth of human connection. They are willing to give us the room to experiment, willing to strip away the usual parameters of success (no. of people, total bill value) and allow us to create wholesome and rich experiences of human connection.

We’ve so far hosted two rounds of Letter Earthlings in their space. Letter Earthlings is an event where we come together to write letters of support and encouragement to strangers going through a tough time. At both events, people enthusiastically wrote one letter after another, illustrating their letters beautifully. It was great to experience the warm vibes that are created when people come together to connect and to be kind.

Inspired by the response, we’ve decided to step it up with two events, on the 24th and 25th of March.

ARLE – 24th of March

ARLE is a version of Letter Earthlings where we encourage you to funk up your letters with doodles, colour, a splash of your artistic expression! If you’d like you can skip the words and just express yourself through art! In these days of cell phones, email and texts – receiving something handwritten/handmade will always offer an experience that modern technology cannot touch. So, if this appeals to you, come write letters and create art for strangers. We will send the bundles to the recipient as an anonymous package via old-school snail mail!

Date: Saturday, 24th March
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Venue: TOS

We would appreciate it if you could register here. But this is not compulsory; feel free to come up anytime during event time to get involved! (This is a free event)

Check out the event on Facebook.


TOS Community Dinner – 25th of March

Come dine and truly connect with strangers.

At the dinner, we intend to bring the community (all of you!) together to dine with each other and create a space for open, heart to heart conversations with strangers. In our fast-paced lives, we don’t often go beyond a ‘hello’ or stop to connect with each other. Here is your chance to pause, share a meal with your community (like the good old-school days!), connect and talk about things that matter and perhaps even leave having made a new friend. At the community table, where you come from and what you do is not important; it’s a non-judgmental space and we are inviting you to just bring who you are and your story to the table 🙂

Date: Sunday, 25th March
Time: 8pm onwards
Venue: TOS

Come share this unique experience with us! Register here to grab a seat at the table (20 seats only!)

Check out the event on Facebook.

After you register, TOS Café and Cocktails will send you an email with payment details.

The price is:
Food only – Rs. 899/-
Food and drinks – Rs. 1199/-

Speak your mind out – Chennai

Mental health as a concept is being given emphasis and voice over the last few years. Of course, the stigma is present but things are gradually turning around. When it comes to mental health we often come to witness or hear ‘this person’ or ‘that person’ who struggled with mental health issues put out their thoughts, but how about coming out in the open about your own individual mental health struggles and journey. This, in particular was the most unique aspect of The Goodwill Tribes meeting at Senmozhi Poonga on the 3rd of December called ‘Speak your mind out’!

9 people came together to talk about their individual journeys with mental health and wellbeing. What ensued was an hour of intense, emotional, and very personal conversation. Everything shared was so relatable by everyone else who was listening, which is amazing and let’s face it in some ways most of our journeys are the same .

The session started with an intense and raw poem by Dharini on how she perceived and felt about her mental health issuest. That part of her which felt she was in a world she did not belong to, where isolation was as horrifying as connection. Her journey through depression and reaching out for help was delivered with such poignance and power.

Swathi shared a note on how mental illness instrinsically being a highly emotional experience, can further push you to the edge when your experience is not being met with empathy and understanding. It makes you feel alone in your journey, and that could be much more crippling than the depression itself. Travel – her love for new places, people and settings, helped her discover herself and reignited hope that there was space for beauty in this world. It reinforced that this one life is worth fighting for.

Ms Aparna shared her experience of having an eating disorder and working towards recovery. We usually feel comfortable sharing about something when it is over and done with. But to be able to open up when you’re in the midst of something, takes courage and tonnes of perspective. She shared that lack of knowledge about how crippling an eating disorder can be, even among the medical and psychiatric settings, can drive clients to hopelessness and despair.

The session “speak your mind out” did not look at solutions because primarily everyone’s journey is unique. It aimed at providing people the strength to come out and find acceptance in who they are, just as they are. The fact that few people spoke and others listened, gave others the validation that it was okay for them to open up as well. They would not be judged or shunned for their struggles. And primarily it conveyed the message that- “it’s okay to not be okay”.

Kindness Ideas (1)
One could sense a feeling of release at the end of the session, a feeling of belongingness and support, which is very crucial to navigate or work through any mental health issue.

‘Speak your mind out’ created a beautiful experience on a cloudy Sunday evening, reminding us that to be human is to connect with one another, to be sensitive and kind, to yourself and to others.

Big shout out to Swathi and Neeta for making this happen through The Goodwill Tribe Chennai chapter!