Free hugs – Sydney

Every time we head into the Sydney markets to offer free hugs, we are touched by the reactions of Sydneysiders. They greet us with so much warmth and affection, but also almost a reaction of surprise to see that a bunch of people would want to spread some love on their Saturday morning.

We plan to keep surprising, and keep spreading the love! In the words of one of the receivers (who kept coming back for more!) – “you can never have too many hugs!”

International take a smile day :) – Sydney

Who knew a picture of a smiley would bring such joy? International Take a Smile Day was truly heart-warming, with market goers seemingly both confused and equally excited by our offerings of smiles from jars, posters and cards. Our warriors were walking around offering smiles, along with hugs, and it was truly magical how much happiness was spread from a simple piece of paper symbolising an act of kindness and social connection.

Gratitude table – Sydney

A summer Saturday at Sydney’s most unique markets, and The Goodwill Tribe Sydney were creating smiles and offering hugs at the entrance! Tucked round the corner from the sellers stalls, we created a stall with the sole intent to encourage gratitude and to give market-goers the space to be thankful. Warriors were able to contribute to a big board and express what they were grateful for that day; we had a table full of card making materials, allowing anyone that came by to make a “thank you” card for someone they love. We had a ton of quotes dotted around inspiring everyone walking past to think about gratitude with lots of room for provocative conversation.

Sydneysiders bought beautiful perspectives, made wonderful cards, offered interesting conversation and really welcomed the chance to reflect. Love!