Our events are designed to create beautiful moments of kindness and human connection. Look out for your city in the listing and join us to experience the magic! We update this page by the 10th of every month.


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School Chale Hum

We owe a lot to our schools. There are so many things we wish we were mature enough to thank our schools for. Or sometimes there are little confessions you wanted to make, but now you this it’s a little too late for that. With ‘School Chale Hum’, we want you to re-live your school days for a few hours. Think about the good old times and pen down your feelings for your school. RSVP here

5.30pm to 8.30pm, Three Beans Cafe, Nagpur



Dear Mom

Thinking about the best gift for your mom? We feel that it’s difficult to think of one that matches all the things that she keeps doing for you every single day. So here we thought of one wonderful gift for her that will surely put a smile on her face. Come and join us to create that beautiful gift for your mother. RSVP here

6pm to 7pm, NWC, Jaipur



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Happiness Confetti

The idea is to go out in groups and spread joy through random acts of kindness! We are going to make greetings cards and notes with uplifting messages of love and positivity, hit the streets with a big huge smile and give away those notes to strangers in an attempt to make them smile. RSVP here

3pm to 6pm, Marienplatz, Munich, Germany