Our events are designed to create beautiful moments of kindness and human connection. Look out for your city in the listing and join us to experience the magic! We update this page by the 10th of every month.


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Kindness Confetti

The idea is to go out in groups and spread joy through random acts of kindness!We are going to hit the streets with happy boards, give hi5s, give vree hugs, leave happy post-its for people to find, hand out flowers and just do whatever we can to make people smile. RSVP here

5.30pm to 7.30pm, Salmiya, Kuwait




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Letter Earthlings

We receive letter requests from the community for people going through a tough time. Our intention for these events is to spread love, kindness and happiness through hand-written letters. Come, join us! RSVP here

6.30pm to 8.30pm, King’s Cross Caravan Restaurant, London




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Young Ones and Young Once: A Concert

How would it be if generations bonded over music again? We are coming up with something similar- a chilly Sunday morning, three different generations, some good music, filled with the warmth of nostalgia! Come, join us! RSVP here

9am to 11pm, Shankar Nagar Park, Nagpur