Our events are designed to create beautiful moments of kindness and human connection. Look out for your city in the listing and join us to experience the magic! We update this page by the 10th of every month.


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Dialogues UnVeil 1.0 – Nagpur

One of the many things that we are losing in today’s world is the human bonding triggered by a good and meaningful conversation. This new year, why not add another resolution to our list? To try and communicate without technology. Join us as we bring to you yet another hearty event. RSVP here

9:30 am to 12pm, Shankar Nagar Garden, Nagpur




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Letter Earthlings – Hyderabad

We receive letter requests from the community for people going through a tough time. Our intention for these events is to spread love, kindness and happiness through hand-written letters. Come join us! RSVP here

6pm to 8pm, TOS Cafe & Cocktails, Hyderabad