Letters of Love in the Time of Corona 2.0

When we launched the first round of this project in May 2020 we did not expect that a year later we would still be deeply immersed in the pandemic. While the situation has been heartbreaking, what has really uplifted us is the incredible show of compassion, courage, and selflessness by frontline workers, doctors, nurses, volunteers, public service officers, and so many others.

Especially in India, with our healthcare infrastructure completely overwhelmed, it has been so moving to watch people go above and beyond in this battle against the second wave of the pandemic.

Letters of Love in the Time of Corona 2.0 is dedicated to all these amazing human beings from India and all over the world. We will be delivering digital letters of gratitude, written by volunteer letter writers, to these amazing people who have stepped up to serve during these trying times. This is our way of supporting them and appreciating the otherwise invisible acts of compassion, courage, and selflessness that they have been committed to!

How it works

You can participate as a letter writer, or submit a letter request for someone you know, or both!

For letter writers:

  • You will receive letter requests as they pour in.
  • You will write your letters and send them to us digitally.
  • We will then bundle the letters together and email them to the recipients.

Find out more and sign up as a letter writer.

For letter requesters:

  • You can request letters for anyone who has been actively involved in the fight against the pandemic.
  • We will collate a bundle of letters for your recipient.
  • We will send these to your recipient over email and keep you posted.

Find out more and request a letter.

About the Project

When the world first went into lockdown in 2020, and we as humanity were battling an unprecedented experience of social isolation, this project was launched in an attempt to foster human connection.

We invited in letter requests for anyone who was having a tough time coping with the pandemic – people who had lost their jobs, who were battling anxiety, who were stuck alone in foreign countries, doctors working over time, teachers adapting to new systems. Anyone really who could do with some extra love and support. 

Over six weeks, 825 letters were written by 364 letter writers from 22 different countries, for an unsuspecting 285 recipients. The response was overwhelming and the journey was deeply healing for both the writers and recipients. 

You can experience some of the magic through this video!

Please note: The second edition of this project is focussed on delivering letters of gratitude to those actively working or volunteering to tackle the second wave of the pandemic.

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