Letter Earthlings – Chennai

A group of 6 people joined us on Saturday evening at Semmozhi Park for our Letter Earthlings get together. All 6 were from various back grounds but came with the common intent of spreading kindness.

They wrote letters of love to the recipients and later shared that they loved the experience. They are looking forward to participating in any other kindness activities going forward.
It was World Suicide Prevention day and to honour the day we had a talk about suicide to deepen our awareness around it.

We wrapped the evening up by writing out messages of kindness and took fun pictures of ourselves holding the messages up. We hope sharing the pictures made people smile.

Overall, it was a well spent evening with beautiful people.

What is your happy place? – Bangalore

At the Sunday Soul Sante flea market in May 2015, The Goodwill Tribe Bangalore had up a board welcoming people a message in a few words detailing their happy place. Answers written ranged from “within my own heart” to “my room”, and  “a beach in Goa” or “under the starry night sky”. 

It’s a funny, yet beautiful thing how different we all are and how very different our happy places may be. But reading each note we could sense and feel the same measure of joy, love and beauty from everyone! So maybe, we thought, at the end we are all just looking for that one beautiful moment to pause and to be present in.

In this crazy whirlwind of a life, we loved how one little question could make someone pause and smile as a million timeless memories ran across their mind.


Missed our event? No problem – share your happy place with us in the comments below!