Letter Earthlings – Dubai

After a long summer break, we had a Letter Earthlings circle in the bright and warm space at Book Munch Café. 32 letters are now on their way to five amazing nominees!

Book Munch has got glass walls and passer-bys can looks inside. One of our favorite moments was when this lady stopped and looked into the café with curiosity. She smiled walked away and then did a double take and came in to chat with us. She loved the idea and left her details so she could join us the next time. The owner of the café joined our table and poured her heart into two letters. She expressed that it had been forever since she last wrote a letter to anyone! Another volunteer compared the feeling of writing letters to strangers with jumping out of a plane – but the thrill was similar. 🙂

It’s fun and a real beauty to watch people and observe their silent joy as they put pen to paper with the intention of sharing love with a stranger.

We had some real creative and funny art work too! Check out the pictures and do join us at our next event in one of our six cities!


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