Our Christmas Wishlist

One thing is certain about us folks, we’re a bunch of big dreamers. It’s 19 of us right now spread across 8 different cities in the world (6 cities with full fledged chapters and 2 cities where chapters are emerging) and we’re all connected through our shared belief that kindness can and is going to transform this world. We are here doing the best we can in our own little ways to inspire kindness and human connection. We dream of a world where this way of being is natural and joy is everywhere and are committed to making this dream a reality. You are an active part of this dream and so here we’d like to share with you some of our wishes this Christmas.

  1.  My wish this Christmas is for the world to have gratitude for the connections they have with family and friends, and focus on committing to and strengthening those connections over the holiday season – Kirsty (London, England)
  2. My wish is for The Goodwill Tribe to make its way into schools in all the locations. It all begins with the little ones – Soumya (Bangalore, India)
  3. My wish is for the whole tribe to get together and meet soon – Sonia (Dubai, UAE)
  4. My wish is to get married to all the tribe members and live happily every after – Nivendra (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  5. I would love the entire tribe to travel together, witness beauty and spread kindness along the way – Siddharth (Pune, India)
  6. My wish is to have a Goodwill Tribe Cafe in all the cities we have a chapter, with lots of good books, kittens and puppies and amazing coffee – Astha (Jaipur, India)
  7. I wish that everyone in this world is shown a way to get across the troubled waters they may be submerged in – Meryl (Kuwait City, Kuwait)
  8. I wish Santa would give me time & money so that I can experience this beautiful life through travelling all around the world and spread kindness, love and peace through small acts everywhere I go – Khushi (Sydney, Australia)
  9. My wish is to dedicate more of my life to The Goodwill Tribe and light people’s lives up with the magic of love, kindness and human connection – Chandni (Dubai, UAE)

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