The 4 immigrate paths chosen when settling in the US

Immigration has been happening since the beginning of human history. People migrate for various reasons, such as seeking economic opportunities, escaping war and persecution, and searching for a better life.

In recent years, immigration has become an increasingly popular topic among politicians, journalists, and scholars.

Many people think that immigrants come to the United States illegally, but that isn’t true. There are four main types of migration: legal, illegal, temporary, and permanent.

Legal Migration

People who legally enter the U.S. usually do so through one of two routes: either they apply for asylum at a port of entry, or they cross the border without authorization.

Illegal Immigration

Illegally entering the country is called “illegal immigration.” This means that the person entered the country without permission.

Temporary Migration

This refers to migrants who travel to another country temporarily. For example, tourists may visit the U.S. for a short amount of time.

Permanent Migration

Those who permanently settle in the U.S. are considered to be immigrants. They often receive citizenship after living here for several years.

There are three main categories of immigrants: refugees, asylees, and lawful permanent residents. Refugees flee their countries due to political instability, war, famine, or natural disasters. Asylees seek refuge from persecution in their home countries. And lawful permanent residents are those who have lived in the U.S., and have applied for citizenship.

Here are the most common immigrant groups in the U.S.:

  • Mexicans
  • Asians
  • Indians
  • Vietnamese
  • Filipinos
  • Cubans

Originally posted 2022-10-27 13:46:55.